Well Hey

Oops, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. Honestly I’ve missed it, always helps me get my thoughts straight. Anyone else feel the same?



Tonight I drove my five year old sister and I over to my great grandmother’s house. She has been in and out of the nursing home for the past couple of years, and her being home is always a blessing. I figured we both needed, a good visit, seeing that time is precious. No matter how she’s feeling, grandma will always hop up at the very second of you needing something even though I am by far capable enough to get it myself(my mom insists she spoils us, I don’t believe it for a second!). We were sitting around grandma’s kitchen table and my sister says,

“Grandma, can you do me a huuuge favor?” Grandma replies,

“Well I can sure try!”

“Could you pretty please make me some sweet tea?”

“Well, why do you want that for?” 

“Because Grandma, you make the best sweet tea in the whole wide world!” This tickled grandma to death, she couldn’t get over it! Anyways, grandma hopped right up to make her great granddaughter some sweet tea. As we chatted over freshly brewed sweet tea, I noticed grandma wasn’t drinking any which was beyond abnormal. I asked her why, and she told me that the doctor wouldn’t let her have caffeine. This really hit home to me because here she went to all this trouble just to please her great grand kids without anything in it for herself. I wish the world was still filled with as many caring and selfless people as it once was. They just don’t make em like they used to.  

Over it…Maybe not

You know how you convince yourself that you’re completely 100% over your ex and ready to move on with fun new guy? Life is going swimmingly, you hang out with said fun new guy tons, and feel like maybe you’re ready to take the next step with him, it’s an exciting feeling to have found someone new. Then, out of the blue, you get a text from your ex saying, “hey I’m in town let’s hangout.” And immediately you’re like dude yes! You convince yourself, oh come on it’s harmless..we’re just friends now right? Wrong, so wrong. Any feeling of love you’ve ever had for your ex come back like a swarm of mad bees on a mission to destroy anything that may have been cooking with fun new guy. Suddenly you feel yourself caught between the past and the future, in this mess we call the present. 


I don’t realize how hectic my life has been until I look at my most recent blog..over a week ago! It seems like toward the end of school everything starts happening. I can’t decide if I like never being home or if I miss vegging out in my bed and eating Cad-berry eggs..yeah I definitely miss that. Oh well, it’ll be summer soon enough, thank the Lord.